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La Grange

8 persons

For the anecdote, the barns in Méribel

Long time ago, la Grange contained the hay to feed the Tarine breeds cows, staying for the whole winter in the stable. Hay was carried at the level of the actual living room and bedrooms where it was left to dry off. Large hay bundles were hooked onto a pulley wheel in order to pull them and place them on the top floor.

Guaranteed comfort, absolute rest

3 personalized bedrooms of which a master suite and a very big room

3 bathrooms, 3 separate toilets

Open kitchen with top quality equipment

Terrace with great view on the Mont Vallon and the Dent de Burgin

Private Wifi


Feu de bois

Woodstove and wood



Private concierge*

Some pictures of  la Grange

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